Resilux and Inex close the loop in UHT milk packaging


The Rebirth series:

closing the loop in milk bottles

Selling fresh and tasty milk in white PET bottles, lowering your carbon footprint, and maintaining the highest quality standards. A distant dream? Not anymore. 

With our Rebirth series you can close the loop for white opaque milk bottles.       Fully reborn and circular. Join us in closing the loop.

We love people, out planet and the products we package

Your favorite milk bottle, 
fully reborn

From milk bottle to milk bottle
From now on, your quality milk can be stored and sold in an opaque white PET milk bottle, that is made from used ones. In your trusted white color. In your desired shape. In your familiar opaque material. Over and over again.


The highest quality standards
No compromises on quality or safety standards. The Rebirth series fully complies with all health regulations. Your bottles are standard equipped with a ResiBlock® light barrier, to protect your milk and to keep it fresh and tasty.

Join us in closing the loop

A shared ambition

Are you seriously committed towards building a circular world? We are too. Let’s join forces and maintain a closed loop. So, we can keep offering fully reborn white opaque milk bottles of the highest quality, and become the frontrunner on sustainability in the market.


Because consumers care

Circularity is not only our shared ambition, or that of the EU. It’s also important to the consumers of your milk. They want to buy a sustainable product, but at the same time they don’t want to compromise on quality, safety and packaging. The Rebirth series combines all these features into one fully reborn bottle. 

Ready to close the loop together?