Sky’s the limit with our Orion sustainability project

Three new extruders are planned to be installed at our sites in Wetteren (Belgium), Dascalu (Romania) and Higuera La Real (Spain). The new units are expected to be operational from the middle of 2023 and will significantly enhance our recycling capabilities. All Resilux’s recycling projects are named after stars and this one is called ‘Orion’ – the constellation representing a hunter. It was chosen to symbolise our pursuit of recycling goals, and the three bright stars of Orion’s Belt stand for the three locations for the new technology.

More than double recycling capacity
The purchase of these Erema PET recycling units will more than double our recycling capacity and help fulfil our ongoing promise to provide PET solutions that are good for products, people and for the planet.  

Once installed, the units will recycle used PET into food-grade r-PET pellets. Added to our existing capacity in Bilten (Switzerland), our total recycling capability will reach around 100,000 tonnes per year.  

When new EU regulations come into force in 2025 requiring PET bottles to contain at least 25% recycled material, we will be well placed to supply customers with compliant r-PET products. We could even go further and supply bottles and preforms with up to 75% recycled material in the future.  

Good for people, products and planet
Marcel van de Sande, our Chief Operating Officer says, “We share our clients’ concerns for everyone’s wellbeing and for the planet. Our products are designed to protect our clients’ products with the utmost care for the planet.”

With this investment we will be able to meet – and often exceed – our customers’ expectations for food-grade, recycled PET solutions in the years to come.

Locating recycling capability next to our manufacturing facilities also means transportation and packaging of waste materials will be minimised. So the investment reinforces Resilux’s commitment to creating a truly circular economy for PET.


Vacurema® Prime recycling unit