Layer by layer

Here at Resilux, we give additional protection to our customers’ products. Using our multilayer technology, several design options help to keep oxygen and light out while keeping CO2 in. The result? Fresher products for longer! Here’s how we do it…

Our multilayer preforms and bottles are constructed with three separate layers. On the inside and outside we have PET but a different material is injected in between. The purpose of this middle layer (also called a ‘barrier’) is to protect the customer’s product against loss of taste and/or nutritional value over time. 

Multiple barrier types
The preforms and bottles we offer can contain various barriers, produced using this multilayer technology:

  • ResiC® prevents CO2 loss in sparkling water or other carbonised beverages.
  • ResiOx®6 or 9 stop oxygen getting into the bottle. This can be important in juices, wine, beer or sauces, for example.
  • ResiMid® and ResiMax® combine the properties of both the oxygen and CO2 barriers.
  • ResiBlock®0 provides an excellent barrier against light and is used  for dairy products. This light protection can also be combined with ResiOx®6 or 9.

Next to these ‘multilayer’ preforms, Resilux also produces ‘monolayer’ preforms. These have just a single layer of PET into which a barrier can be incorporated. In this case additives or special colorants are mixed in the PET itself to provide the product with some protection from oxygen  (ResiOx®3 and 6) or from light (ResiBlock®2 and 4).

So there you have it. That’s how Resilux PET protects our customers’ products!