Mile 6/25: 
let’s get ready for ATOR!

The Resilux group’s ‘25 Miles’ project was launched in November 2020 by COO, Marcel van de Sande. Every mile is a step or program to improve Resilux’s organisation and to achieve our vision of being:

  1. The safest company in the industry
  2. An employer of choice
  3. A model company in terms of sustainability
  4. The best solution offering the best products for customers
  5. A high added-value company

Our next step is mile #6 – the ATOR program.

This program focuses on Resilux becoming an employer of choice. We will: Attract passionate employees, Train them well, and Onboard them efficiently – all to ensure we can Retain them for the long term.

For Resilux and for our customers, our employees are our greatest asset and bring the most added value. The employment market is currently very tight, so our target is to attract new people and to also focus strongly on retaining current ones. This will increase the company’s stability and knowhow. It will also support the sustainable growth we plan for the coming years. 

ATOR is an important strategic program for everybody within Resilux and we want to ensure that it works for you!