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Thinking big: 
large size containers

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Resilux started to develop the large size container segment in 2020. We have already some customers including ADM, Meroso Foods, Hi-Tech Chemicals and Brenntag and we see great opportunities to grow this business further.               

Today, raw material prices are becoming increasingly high. That affects not only PET but also other polymers such as HDPE. But for our PET large size containers, this is actually an advantage: thanks to their lower weight, the price increases have less impact on our customers.


If you have any technical questions about this product, please contact our group sales director Peter Tackx.

Advantages of large size containers:

  • Applications are endless for industries in general (e.g. detergents, chemicals, etc.,) and the food services industry in particular (e.g. oil, sauces, etc.).
  • They are more lightweight and stronger than alternatives:
    • A HDPE 20-litre weighs 800-1000g but a PET 20-litre weighs just 380g 
      that’s a weight saving of more than 50%!
  • Containers are stackable.
  • The handles make the containers especially easy to use.
  • Containers are available in all colours and clear versions.
  • Barrier solutions are available.
  • The more sustainable solution:
    • Weight savings for reduced transport costs.
    • PET is the best polymer for recycling – and Resilux is back-integrated with recycling activities.