Safe For The Planet

one word that means so much

Right from the start, Resilux has focused on being an environmentally-friendly company, offering sustainable solutions for our customers and respecting human well-being.

Optimised logistics

Our factories are well-positioned geographically and close to our customers. By selling preforms instead of bottles and constantly developing lower weight options, we can deliver more products using less packaging as well as less fuel for transport.

Efficient material

The PET we use is a very energy-efficient packaging material. Although its raw materials are derived from crude oil and natural gas, it enjoys a very favourable sustainability profile in comparison with other packaging solutions like glass, aluminium and other container materials. 

Recycling improves PET’s positive eco-profile even further. Recycled PET can be used not only into non-food items (such as carpets, clothing and engineering applications) but it has been proven that it also meets the same hygienic and safety standards as virgin PET.

Constant improvement

Another very important step in Resilux’s sustainability story was the acquisition of the business activities of Poly Recycling (based at Weinfelden, Switzerland) in September 2017. In 2019 we moved the recycling operation to our existing preforms/bottles factory in Bilten. Having these two processes under one roof brings further synergies contributing to significant improvement in the PET recycling industry.

Sustainable image

Last but not least, our new corporate identity has been designed to reflect our strong sustainable character:

  • Inspired by people
  • Safe for the planet
  • Protecting your product
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