We at Resilux are looking for real people. No nonsense 2 feet on the floor, who want to explore and grow in their daily work. We look for communicators, problem solvers and decision makers. Standing still is going backwards. Are you aligned with our company values and culture. If you see yourself delivering this into our Resilux Family, then check out the job description below.

Industrial Software Engineer



  • You have the skill to analyze a problem and convert it into a working application for our users.
  • You will act as a reference team member when it comes to critical industry system practices and requirements, including (cyber)secure operational as well as industry-grade hardware requirements.
  • You actively follow industry (de facto or actual) standardization trends.
  • You are ready to support, from a system author perspective, the roll-out and operations of platform installations in the field.
  • You create the necessary technical documentation and assist the key user with creating the user manual.
  • You offer third line support in cooperation with the internal support team and the key users.
  • You are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone to assist your colleagues.
  • You are able to occasionally travel abroad for physical interventions.
  • You report to the Group Automation Officer.



  • Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio .net environment and Microsoft SQL Server is mandatory.
  • Knowledge of kepware, PHP, ASP.net, Javascript, Python is a plus.
  • You have a master degree in (Sofware) Engineering or equivalent by education or experience.
  • Fluent knowledge of Dutch and English.
  • You feel at home in a production environment.


Join the Resilux family and you will:

  • get a competitive salary.
  • get a good work life balance package.
  • get health insurance.
  • get a pension contribution.
  • get an employer who cares about you.
  • join a small team of solution developers within the Resilux group.

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Veronica Galvan Mendez Production Assistant

Resilux is a company that’s committed to people and their professional development.

As part of the Production and Warehouse Department my job is to organize the warehouse, packing and raw material operators’ tasks. 

Originally I was a machine operator but after just six months, I had the chance to take on more responsibility as a production assistant. I am currently also doing a master’s degree in Lean Manufacturing and am carrying out the implementation of ‘Lean’ projects in parts of the Resilux organization. 

I like working at Resilux because there is a very good working environment. The people who work here make daily work enjoyable and rewarding. In addition, it’s a company that’s committed to people and their professional development. It relishes challenges and changes in order to be better every day. Above all, Resilux gives me the opportunity to grow professionally.

Veronica Galvan Mendez