Refill Bottles

Although there is general decline in refilling in most parts of the world, RESILUX remains a strong name in this field. Beverage companies bring refillable PET bottles, which are temporally stored at retailers, back to their plants and they deliver new products to the retail store. In the refilling plant, the bottles are washed inside and out at 60°C for 15 minutes. These bottles pass a sniffer and a X-ray check, which can make sure that the bottles are clean and intact. If any bottles are scuffed too much or too damaged, they are then sorted out of the process. Because of this cleaning process at a higher temperature, these PET bottles are specially designed, produced with special PET resins and blown via a special blowing process. Usually the refillable PET bottle is refilled approximately 20 times (the average rate of re-use is 3.3 times a year). Although a refillable container initially costs the bottler more than its one-way counterpart, the cost-per-filling of the refillable container is less.

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