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Oxygen Barrier

More and more oxygen sensitive products are now being packed in PET instead of glass.

This results in a solid know-how and experience of possibilities to improve the oxygen barrier of PET bottles. Our ResiOx® range has proven its capabilities in the market. This oxygen barrier is based upon the latest state-of-the-art technology and is the result of extensive co-operation with partners, universities and our R&D centres. The shelf-life of oxygen sensitive products can be extended in several ways. At RESILUX, we offer the complete range to our customers so that we can provide product-specific solutions both in blend as in multilayer constructions. The blend barrier technology comprises an enhanced barrier PET with additional oxygen performance due to the incorporation of a scavenger. The multilayer barrier solution is based on a three-layer sandwich technology incorporating a central barrier layer. This central barrier layer is composed of a specialized gas barrier layer with or without integrated oxygen scavengers, depending of the final application.

The ResiOx® range has three variations depending customer need:

  1. ResiOx® 3: less than 1 ppm oxygen ingress for 3 months
  2. ResiOx® 6: less than 1 ppm oxygen ingress for 6 months
  3. ResiOx® 9: less than 1 ppm oxygen ingress for 9 months

This allows you to extend the shelf-life of your product to the required period.

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