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Oxygen & CO2 Barrier

Beers and sparkling wines require specific characteristics for the packaging as they are not only oxygen-sensitive but also contain a high level of CO2. Standard PET is available for larger bottles (e.g. 2-litre bottles with a short shelf-life) but most beers need an extra barrier performance for both characteristics. ResiMid® offers this extra barrier against Oxygen ingress and CO2 loss. For an even longer shelf-life and for small bottles (≤ 500 ml), RESILUX proposes the use of our ResiMax® solution, which gives the packaging the maximal barrier performance. ResiMid® and ResiMax® barrier preforms can be processed in the blowing machine with very similar conditions as with standard PET preforms. If a customer has no experience of processing of barrier preforms, RESILUX has a team of technical support people who can offer assistance.

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