Hotfill Preforms & Bottles

Many different food and drink products need to be hot-filled to ensure a long shelf-life in their packaging (glass or PET). RESILUX has a long experience with hotfill PET preforms and bottles. Until now, we have focused on beverages and sauces (juice, ice-tea, flavoured water, sport drinks, ketchup, etc..) which are filled up to a temperature of 85°C.

As PET is a thermoplastic polymer with a glass-transition temperature of approximately 70°C, it is important to use specific techniques to avoid deformations during and after filling and storage. These techniques include: special hotfill resin, special finish design, dedicated blowing machines and moulds. In addition to these specific techniques, RESILUX is working with world-leading producers of hotfill caps and hot-filling blowing and filling machines in order to offer our customers state-of-the-art preforms and bottles for their hotfill application. Thanks to this co-operation, we are not only producing the classic bottles with vacuum panels but also panel-free and lightweight nitrogen hot-fillable PET bottles.

If longer shelf-life of the hot filled product is requested, RESILUX offers various barrier solutions such as active scavengers, UV blockers, etc…

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