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Research & Development

As an internationally oriented and prominent market player, Resilux continually invests in new technology for producing and processing PET preforms and bottles.

A large proportion of the production technology is designed in house. Some of it is protected by patents and licences. Considerable effort has been made to further enhance technological leadership within the sector. Quality improvements and cost efficiency such as an increasingly lower energy consumption and less production waste are central to this.

All activities are directed towards the efficiency and effectiveness of the machines and the improvement of PET preform & bottle processing.

Research and development is also aimed at refining production systems and developing new products and applications. Research to improve the barrier qualities of PET has resulted in the development of ResiMid®, ResiMax®, ResiOx®, ResiC® and ResiBlock®.

The Resilux R&D Centers continually look for ways to further improve quality, increase the barriers of PET, optimise preform and bottle designs. The R&D is done in our own laboratories (Belgium and USA), or on client location. This provides a better understanding of processing in practice. Currently Resilux is also working on new ecologic friendly barrier solutions: ResiBar Eco®, EcoBar® and BioBar®, part of the ResiBar® family, which will result in an extension of the current range of barrier products. Another development is an environmental friendly material: ResiGrind®.

Resilux has also developed a close cooperation with some well-known European Universities.

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