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RESILUX NV Resilux NV, Belgium, Wetteren

Since its foundation, the production of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) preforms and bottles has been the core business of Resilux. The preforms are blown into bottles by Resilux or by the customer and then filled with water, soft drinks, edible oils, ketchup, detergents, milk, beer, fruit juices, etc. The distinctive characteristic of the Belgian company is the high quality of the products and reliability of supply.

  • Resilux R&D Centres
  • Necessary know-how and if required the infrastructure and manpower for the filling companies

Resilux is one of the most outstanding companies in the PET packaging market. This is mainly due to the

  • Strategic focus of the company
  • Technological leadership
  • Patents and registered designs
Founded in 1994 and production units in Spain (1997), Russia (1998), Greece (2000), Switzerland (2001), Hungary (2002) and the USA (2001)

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