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PET Preforms

Resilux supplies a complete range of PET preforms with a wide variety of weights, colours and sizes for the most diverse applications. Alongside the standard dimensions, Resilux also designs and produces tailor-made models. The preform weights vary from 10.5 grams to 121 grams.

With its considerable knowledge and experience in the food, cosmetics and chemical industries, Resilux is able to develop and supply a suitable PET preform for every liquid product. The bottles made from Resilux preforms are filled with water, carbonated soft drinks, edible oils, sauces, detergents, milk, beer, juices, etc.

The preforms can have one layer or multiple layers. The barrier preforms bring many benefits for soft drinks and beer, thanks to the extra layer injected between the various PET layers.

Our valuable expertise in the field of recycling enables us to produce preforms made from recycled material (on request). For the time being this is done in two forms: recycled material as an interim layer in a multilayer preform, or preforms made entirely of recycled material for direct food contact.

PET Bottles

Resilux applies the most strict quality standards to its production of PET bottles for one-way or multiple use. Bottles suitable for multiple use are somewhat heavier than the one-way bottles and are characterised by their great sturdiness. Refillable bottles can be used up to 15 to 20 times.

Resilux PET bottles are used worldwide on a large scale as packaging for a variety of liquid products. With PET bottles, there is an unlimited variety of shapes, weights, colours and sizes, and there are also 'specials' for hot-fill liquids. Hot fill is a process in which products are filled at a high temperature, whereby the product is packaged sterilised and has a longer shelf life. It is currently possible to hot fill new types of PET bottles without the bottle losing its form or rigidity as a result. Hot-fill PET is suitable for use as packaging for products where sterilisation or pasteurisation is important and which therefore has to be hot filled, including:

  • Fruit juices and fruit drinks
  • Milk
  • Ice tea and certain 'new age beverages'

Blowing projects

Resilux is also specialised in blowing preforms into bottles. Thanks to the experience in the production of preforms, Resilux has developed a good knowledge and experience in blowing bottles.

On request, Resilux organises the bottle blowing in a production area of the customer (in-house), in a separate production hall in the vicinity of the factory (satellite), or in a separate hall right next to the existing production facilities (wall-to-wall).

The benefits of Resilux professionals blowing the bottles are undeniable. The customer can concentrate on his core business (production, filling and selling), and the costs of the storage and transport of PET preforms and bottles are greatly reduced.

  • In-house blowing
  • Wall to wall blowing
  • Satellite blowing

Production Process

  1. The PET plastic (in the form of pellets) is dried to avoid moisture interfering with the mechanical properties of the product.
  2. The dried PET is melted in an extruder, mixed and if necessary, coloured.
  3. The melted PET is injected into a shape, and it then solidifies to yield a solid preform.
  4. The preforms are taken from the moulds and after cooling are stored or transported to the customer.

The production of bottles from PET plastic can be done in a:

  1. One Stage Process

    PET preforms are produced and blown into bottles in one and the same production-line.

  2. Two Stage Process

    PET preforms are being produced on a separate production-line and afterwards blown into bottles on another machine.

    The advantage of a two stage process yields a higher output per unit time, and enables the geographic distribution of preform and bottle production. The volumes transported to bottling companies are thus lower than in case with fully blown bottles.


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